Compass Cycle + Flow is Rochester’s first fitness studio dedicated to Rhythm Riding cycling + Power Vinyasa Flow yoga. Our instructors provide the motivating music and encouragement but it’s you in charge of your destination! Every class is yours to own and a time to dedicate to your own journey.

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Compass 101 Ride

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Using Cycling Cleats Provides a Better Workout

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543 Atlantic Ave #3, Rochester, NY 14609

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The hard work we do in the studio will empower us to find direction, both in the studio and out – in our relationships, in our professions and in our lives.

Compass Cycle + Flow commits to providing our guests a fitness experience like no other and the opportunity to become part of a community that is without boundaries and committed to possibility.

You will experience a fun, high energy class in a safe and clean environment with no distractions. Every time you step into the studio, YOU are choosing to take a step in the right direction.