Terms & Conditions


Our interactive class schedule allows you to book classes up to 7 days in advance. Reserving your bike in advance is crucial as it guarantees your spot in class.  The weekly schedule goes live every Sunday at noon; you can book your bikes for the week at that time.  


Please arrive 15 minutes before class to check in, rent your spin shoes, and set up your bike.  Check in at the front reception desk by initialing next to your name – this confirms you came to class!

You must sign-in AT LEAST 4 minutes prior to class or else your bike will be released.  If you are running late {will not be able to check-in 4 minutes before class} you must call the studio and we will hold your bike.


No riders may join a class 5 minutes after class has begun. Please be on time and be respectful of the class mood set by the instructor.

No NEW rider will be permitted into the studio after the start of class – it is unsafe and a major distraction to the class.


Absolutely NO cell phones allowed during class; if you are on call please leave your phone at the reception desk and they will come get you if there is an emergency.

Outside shoes are not allowed in the studio.

Please do not bring any bags into the studio as they can get in the way of our instructors and other riders.

Please do not talk once class starts; save your conversation for after class.

We ride to the beat of the music, together, as a pack.  We welcome you to do your own thing if you’d like, but please choose a bike in the back.

If you need to leave early, please exit out the back door and as quietly as possible.


We require advance notice when making any kind of changes to your schedule. If you fail to cancel/reschedule a class before 6pm of the day PRIOR to the class or do not show to a class, you will be charged for that class.  You will not receive a refund or a class credit, unless you follow the proper cancellation procedure. There are no exceptions.

If you need to cancel/reschedule please make the necessary changes online, in your account.  If that doesn’t work, please email info@compasscyclestudio.com or call the studio 585.270.5166.


If you are on the Waitlist, you will receive an email notifying you if a bike opens up.  You will have one hour to either confirm or reject the open bike; if you do not respond, the next guest on the list will receive the notification and have the opportunity to reserve the bike.

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Contact Info

585.270.5166 info@compasscyclestudio.com

543 Atlantic Ave #3, Rochester, NY 14609

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As a pack we will climb, sprint and jog towards each hill and curve along the road. The hard work we do in the studio will empower us to find direction, both on the bike and off – in our relationships, in our professions and in our lives.

Compass Cycle commits to providing our guests a fitness experience like no other and the opportunity to become part of a community that is without boundaries and committed to possibility.

You will experience a fun, high energy cycling class in a safe and clean environment with no distractions. The incorporation of hand weights will ensure you are getting a total body workout each and every class. Every time you step into the studio, YOU are choosing to take a step in the right direction.