Frequently Asked Questions

Does Compass Cycle offer a monthly membership?

Compass Cycle does not offer monthly memberships at this time but is set up in a pay-as-you-go structure, with no long-term commitment or joining fees. If you’re riding regularly, we have packages that offer a price discount. To see our class pricing, click here.

Is there a beginner class?

We do offer a Compass 101 Introduction ride, where we will go over bike set up and cues in depth BUT if we’re not offering it when you’re looking to ride – don’t worry! We have new riders in almost every Compass class and if you get there 15 minutes early, we will help you set up your bike and get you acclimated before the ride!

How is Compass Cycle different from the cycling classes?

Our classes offer a full body indoor cycling workout with the incorporation of hand weights for a full body workout. We ride to the beat of the music and focus on channeling a mind-body connection while leaving the outside world behind for the duration of class.

How old do you have to be to ride at Compass Cycle?

Riders must be at least 4’11” and at least 12 years old to ride. *Please note, if you are under 18, your parent or guardian will need to sign a waiver in person.

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As a pack we will climb, sprint and jog towards each hill and curve along the road. The hard work we do in the studio will empower us to find direction, both on the bike and off – in our relationships, in our professions and in our lives.

Compass Cycle commits to providing our guests a fitness experience like no other and the opportunity to become part of a community that is without boundaries and committed to possibility.

You will experience a fun, high energy cycling class in a safe and clean environment with no distractions. The incorporation of hand weights will ensure you are getting a total body workout each and every class. Every time you step into the studio, YOU are choosing to take a step in the right direction.