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 At Compass, there are no lights and no windows. Put your phone away, because in our candle-lit studio, there are no screens and no anxieties. For 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes we unplug from the outside world and sweat together in a dark room with an upbeat playlist.

From the moment you walk into to our reception area, Compass is a welcoming, nonjudgmental space for you to Find Your Direction. Rhythm Riding at Compass is a unique style of spin, dictated by the beat of the playlist, incorporating dance moves and hand weights.  Our style of Power Yoga {AKA – Flows} are uniquely crafted to challenge your body and your mind. Don’t expect to hear any harp strings or elevator music when you flow at Compass. Like our spin, Compass flows are guided by the rhythm of our instructors’ playlists; at any given class you might hear, hip-hop, R&B, rock, pop, or metal.

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House Ride:  A 45-minute rhythmic ride that will challenge your body and soul.  You will sprint, climb and jump while allowing the beat of the music to drive your pedals!   An arm segment is included in every class to complete the total body workout.

Catalyst:  A 60-minute amped up version of our House Ride.  It’s longer, harder and focuses on building threshold training techniques.  It is an athletic-based workout that incorporates serious HIIT moves with intentional recovery designed to work the various energy systems, allowing riders to train harder.  Recommended for those with 10+ rides with us.

Journey Ride:  This 90-minute class is meant for those who want the ultimate challenge.  You will learn to break through barriers in this sweaty, blissful class! 

Rhythm Riding Basics:  Meant for both beginners and experienced riders, this workshop will walk you through bike setup, proper alignment, terminology and various choreography used in most classes.  

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House Flow:  This 60-minute Power Vinyasa-style class is done in a dark, candlelit room heated to 85-90 degrees.  Music is the foundation for each class as you sync your breath to each pose moving through various sequences with power and intention.  This practice will challenge you to explore your individual practice while improving your strength, flexibility and endurance. 

Catalyst Flow:  Our House Flow combined with HIIT {High Intensity Interval Training}.  This amped up yoga class will challenge your heart rate and boost your metabolism by combining vinyasa-style flows with intense bursts of exercise and short periods of rest.  Energetic music will motivate you as you sculpt your muscles and increase your endurance in this total body workout.  A sweet, sweaty savasana will end this class.

Slow Flow:  A class designed for students to dig deeper into their practice by holding the poses longer while focusing on the foundation and alignment of each pose.  Throughout this practice you will learn how and when to make modifications and conversely knowing when to go deeper.  The class will end with restorative poses that will allow for your mind + body to completely relax and rest.

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3.21 @ 11:30a {FREE} Rhythm Riding Basics

3.21 @ 10a 108 Sun Salutations

3.28 @ 11:30a 90min Journey Ride

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543 Atlantic Ave #3, Rochester, NY 14609

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