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What We Do

We cycle to the beat of the music as a pack, in a dark, candlelit room.  With the help of our motivating instructors and the volume turned up, we encourage riders to tune out the rest of their day for a full 45-minutes in order to really connect to the music and foster a mind + body connection. 




Our unique Power Vinyasa-style yoga classes are also set in a dark, candlelit room, that is heated to 85-90 degrees.  We turn the music up and flow together for 60 sweaty minutes.

Compass is a supportive community that embraces every fitness level and each individual journey.  We work together to build each other up to find the best versions of ourselves both in and out of the studio.  We are thrilled to share our journey with you and hope to see you soon!   

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About the Founders

Founders and sisters, Ashley Biryla and Nicole Branagan, are natives of Rochester and very excited to bring a unique fitness experience to the community.  Nicole & Ashley both attended Aquinas Institute and then went on to study at St. Bonaventure University.  After working for several years in the corporate world the sisters felt they were ready to take on the challenge of owning their own business and staking their own direction.

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Contact Info

585.270.5166 info@compasscyclestudio.com

543 Atlantic Ave #3, Rochester, NY 14609

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As a pack we will climb, sprint and jog towards each hill and curve along the road. The hard work we do in the studio will empower us to find direction, both on the bike and off – in our relationships, in our professions and in our lives.

Compass Cycle commits to providing our guests a fitness experience like no other and the opportunity to become part of a community that is without boundaries and committed to possibility.

You will experience a fun, high energy cycling class in a safe and clean environment with no distractions. The incorporation of hand weights will ensure you are getting a total body workout each and every class. Every time you step into the studio, YOU are choosing to take a step in the right direction.