There are many benefits of using a cycling cleat which is why when we open the doors on July 13th, Compass will be a cleat-only studio. What does this mean for you, the rider? If you do not own your own cycling cleats, we have you covered! Every new rider gets a shoe rental for free and after the first time, it’s just $3.00. There are two main types of cycling cleats – SPD and LOOK. We invested in a two-sided pedal that is compatible with both types of cleats. The cleats we will have available to rent are Shimano LOOK.

Would you wear a non-supportive shoe to go for a run or would you practice yoga without a yoga mat? Those questions may seem counterintuitive but the same logic should extend to the use of cycling cleats in a cycling class. To explain further, some of the benefits are listed below.

1. The stiff sole of a cycling shoe allows for the power produced by your legs to go straight to the pedal, instead of being absorbed by the cushion of a sneaker. This makes it easier to pedal and you’re able to increase the resistance more so than with non-cycling shoes.
2. Because you are “clipped-in” to the pedal with cycling shoes, your body is more likely to stay aligned during a ride, which translates to less ankle, knee and hip injuries.
3. Once you get used to them, they’re more comfortable. Clipping in with cycling shoes guarantees that the ball of your feet stays in the center of the pedal. It’s difficult to get that optimal position without a proper stiff soled cycling cleat.
4. You will get a better workout using cycling shoes! Since your feet are clipped into place, a lot of stress is taken off other parts of your body that aren’t necessary for the workout which allows you to target your glutes and your core better…need we say more?!